What is worse that a carpet that smells?

It makes you reluctant to have guests over, it’s annoying, it’s embarrassing. We can fix it! There are many different types of deodorizers in the carpet and floor cleaning industry today. There are the ones that are topical, (this is the one that you notice first when going into a room where it has been sprayed). This topical product will help with odors but it does very little to eliminate the source of the odor.

As you progress up the ladder in terms of effectiveness of eliminating odor you will come to the very concentrated enzyme based products that have odor digesters, and some have live bacteria that actually destroy the odor at the source. With some carpets the deodorizing must be applied first and allowed to dwell. Then the pre-spray is applied, (which has deodorizing properties as well). Then in the final extraction step the chemical that comes from the wand is a PH neutralizer as well as a deodorizer.

So these three steps will have your carpet smelling daisy fresh in no time. Just ask.