carpet-care-of-ocala-services-9Once your carpet is cleaned, it looks great, but how do you keep it that way?

One of the most important things for carpet is to protect it. The new carpet that is being produced today has a factory protector applied to it. It guards against many different types of stains and spills. Some of the factories recommend that the carpet be cleaned once a year so that the warranty will not be voided.
The carpet cleaning products that are used on a factory protected carpet have to fall into a very specific PH range. If these guidelines are not followed then the protector on the carpet will be removed and this obviously will void the warranty.
We can follow the guidelines set by the carpet factories for cleaning products. So once the protector is sprayed on this will keep the carpet cleaner and looking good much longer. While this process does lengthen the time it takes the carpet to dry, it is well worth the effort, and the time and expense for the extra protection that it gives.