carpet-care-of-ocala-services-6Carpet spots are a fact of life, whether it is from a guest knocking over a glass of wine, a child spilling juice, or Spot making a, well, “spot” …

Some of the food products today, especially those with dye in them, (the reds and blues and others), can be very problematic for carpets. There are some food items that can even cause a permanent stain that is why when the spot happens, acting quickly is the key.

Blot the stain with a clean white towel. Then when most of the stain is gone use another clean white towel with a little bit of water in it and continue to blot till most of the liquid has been removed along with the color of the spot. Resist the urge to use any chemicals on the stain.

Please call us right away! When we come we will address your needs for removing the stain, and in doing so most of the surrounding carpet may need to be cleaned. When we come for regular cleaning some spots or stains can be removed at that time.

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