We all love our pets, but …

Let’s face it, cats, dogs, and other animals can damage carpeting and even in some cases the grout color in a ceramic floor can be permanently changed by “accidents” from pets. Even the best pets on occasions will have these “accidents”. Pet damage can be repaired. Urine saturation where the carpet fiber and the backing, and also the pad and concrete have been damaged can all be fixed. Sometimes in the most extreme cases there might be some color loss in the carpet.

If this is a possibility we will tell you right away. Some of the products that we use today have hydrogen peroxide in them along with enzymes that are mixed up with hot water and then actually poured into your carpet and then allowed to dwell. Then we use a sub surface extraction tool to pull everything back out from the carpet, the pad, and the concrete.

The good part of these steps is that, it might save you from having to replace your carpet.