carpet-care-of-ocala-services-8Tile floors are a long-lasting, attractive alternative to carpet …

But like carpet, they eventually attract dirt and stains. And dirty grout can make the whole floor look bad. After a thorough vacuuming of the floor, and scraping of anything that has attached itself to the floor, we use a mop and carefully spread a cleaning product on the floor.
We are careful not to use anything that would damage the tile itself, or the grout. We use a mop to spread the product because when you use a sprayer the over spray can damage cabinets and even fabric that may come in contact with the cleaning agent.
Then we brush the grout lines to loosen any ground in soil.. 
We use the heat, power and vacuum of our truck-mounted equipment to clean the entire floor and the grout lines. When that’s done, we apply a sealer to the grout to protect and keep it clean. As with carpet cleaning, the heat and noise of the machinery stays outside – and the dirt goes right out of your home.
You will be impressed with what a difference clean grout and tile, and protected grout will make in your home.